Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Kersting

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Dr. Kersting has studied physics in Bonn focusing on non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Having finished his diploma thesis dealing with the pure nuclear three body system, in his phd thesis, Dr. Kersting has treated more generally non-relativistic atomic, molecular and nuclear three body systems taking additionally into account the electrostatic interaction. Dr. Kersting has gained professional industrial experiences in the fields of it/tc system administration and technical development of professional information systems of publishing companies.


Phd, 1996, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, Bonn: „Quantum Mechanical Three Body Systems in the Coupled Channel Formalism using Sturmian States“.

Diploma in physics, 1992, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität, Bonn: „The Neutron Deuteron Problem in the Close Coupling Formalism using Sturmian Functions“.


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